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The true and genuine snapshot esthetic.

Here is a style guide on garish, over the top web design. The photographs may appear as ordinary amateur snapshots and yet I struggle with the thought that in their own way they are a social documentary record of time and place no lesser than the best of the likes of Martin Parr. I think a lot of prominent practiotioners of the snapshot esthetic, like photographer Robert Frank, ultimately looked down on their subjects. This an example of work that while amateur and crude in nature aproaches the subject as an equal, free of sarcasm and uppity airs.

Leica - partial termination of credit lines

Here is a jolly press release from Leica:

"Following the ad hoc announcement of Leica Camera AG, Solms, of February 17, 2005, stating that the Company expects a loss of half of its registered share capital in March 2005, the banks have partially terminated their credit lines. The remaining lines still cover the current liquidity requirements. The Company’s Board of Management has entered into negotiations with the banks on a solution that will carry the Company until the time of its Extraordinary General Meeting on May 31, 2005, at which capital measures are to be proposed to the shareholders."

ILFORD emerges from receivership

Mobberley - UK (February 21, 2005)

According to the latest press release from Ilford the company has emerged from receivership. It will be interesting to see which products they keep and which will go. Frankly a lot of Ilford products are much cheaper than Kodak and in general BW supplies are fairly inexpensive. I would not mind paying more for them if it would guarantee a steady supply for years to come. Of course, for others an increase in price would be just another reason to switch to digital.

"125 year old ILFORD Imaging UK Ltd, the World's leading supplier of Monochrome photographic materials has emerged from receivership today through a complex and innovative management buy out (MBO). The new Company will trade under the name of ILFORD Photo, with a new Corporate name of Harman Technology."

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