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Clowns Are Scary

Thanksgiving Parade 2004, Detroit, MI

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Ann Arbor Hashbash 2005

The first Saturday of April turned out to be a cold and blustery day. Which probably accounted for the small attendance at this year's Hashbash at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. After, the "one hour of power" the crowd broke up with some marching off to City Hall for a protest demonstration. But the cold really curtailed the post Bash festivities including dancing and drumming circles and the gathering in front of Dominics on Madison. All in all this was, probably, the smallest and low-key Hasbash I have been to in all the years.

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Woman With Computer

Media:4 x 5 Polaroid Instant Film (59 Polacolor ER). Matured for 4 years after date of expiration.

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