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Stop The War Rally

Stop the War Rally, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Carl de Keyzer

The Magnum Photos website is a great location to see some of the best photojournalism work being done. I have gone through the list of the member photographers many times but this time I was looking for the work of some of the younger members. That is looking for something beyond the grainy, black & white images that are so much the established photojournalistic style. One of the photographers I came across was Carl de Keyzer, a Belgian photographer born in 1958. Although, some of his images are on the Magnum site the best place to see his work is on his own website. The opening sequence is fantastic, and although I usualy think that sites that launch into music are tacky - on his site it works really well.

Motor City Tattoo Expo

A three day Motor City Tattoo Expo at the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit. This expo was not very large and except for a tattoo competition there was not much organized beyond the tattoo artists and vendor's tables. People walked around, looked at the what the tattoo artists were doing and whom they were doing it to, flipped through their portfolios and moved on. Hardly a wild crowd except for a few rare exceptions. Five hours there and all I got to show for it was two rolls of film.

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