Event Calendars

Michigan Festivals and Events
The best list of current festivals and events around Michigan that I am aware of.

Ann Arbor and surrounding community events.

Online Tools

The Foliage Network
Information about the status of turning leaves in the fall. Great tool if you are into that kind of photography.

Depth of Field Calculator
A great depth of field calculator I frequently refer to.

Astronomical Applications Department of the US Naval Observatory.
Online calculators for figuring out the sunrise and sunsets and the position of the sun. Could be useful if you are trying to figure out when the best time is to photograph a location and need to know where the light will be coming from and when. Great for architectural photography.


Antonio Turok
Brent Stirton
Carl de Keyzer
Clay Enos
Erik Refner
Joachim Ladefoged
Martin Parr
Peter Granser
The Magnum Photos Photographers


Mamiya 7II
Mamiya 330S
Flash Photography with Canon EOS Cameras
Metrawatt Metrastar (large PDF, faster to Save by right clicking the link than opening directly).


RH Designs
Company out of England that makes an f-stop based darkroom timer and exposure meters for black and white printing. Having bought their f-stop meter I would never want to go back to a regular meter again. The exposure meter is also the best I have seen so far.