Christian Protestor at Gay Pride Parade

Lansing, Michigan

Mamiya C330

This year the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Detroit came on a day that warm and sunny. Warm is a relative term but 35F is not bad particularly compared to the frigid, cloudy event that this parade was last year. The turn out appeared to be high with the sidewalks packed along the small stretch of Michigan Ave. that is known as Corktown. I was surprised at the great number of Irish themed pubs in the area, and today they were all packed to the limit. I wondered how much business they do on a regular night, Detroit always seems so deserted its hard to imagine what keeps all these pubs full outside special occasions. Its not something I would ever know unless I find a native and ask him, maybe next time.

Winner Hot Pepper Eating Contest

The Pig Gig, Bay City, Michigan

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