Kyocera to stop film and digital camera production...

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"Sources at Kyocera have confirmed that the company is to cease production of film and digital cameras, putting a huge question mark over the future of one of the oldest brands in photography, Contax. Contax cameras have been produced since the early 1930's, when the brand was launched by German optical legend Zeiss Ikon. Contax joined forces with Japanese manufacturer Yashica in the 1960's, becoming part of electronics giant Kyocera in the mid-1990's.

Kyocera has had some success in the digital camera market with models bearing Yashica, Kyocera and Contax branding, though the company's first foray into the digital SLR market (the Contax N Digital) was widely regarded as an expensive failure. There is some confusion over the future of the Contax brand, or the widely anticipated digital rangefinder (G digital) and Mark II 645 cameras. When we spoke to a Kyocera UK representative at the UK's Focus on Imaging exhibition this week, it was made clear that there may well be a future for Contax under another owner, with one rumor mentioning Sony as a potential buyer (the company already uses Carl Zeiss branded lenses on some of its digital compacts).

Amateur Photography - Poster Boy

The true and genuine snapshot esthetic.

Here is a style guide on garish, over the top web design. The photographs may appear as ordinary amateur snapshots and yet I struggle with the thought that in their own way they are a social documentary record of time and place no lesser than the best of the likes of Martin Parr. I think a lot of prominent practiotioners of the snapshot esthetic, like photographer Robert Frank, ultimately looked down on their subjects. This an example of work that while amateur and crude in nature aproaches the subject as an equal, free of sarcasm and uppity airs.

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